Max Makes

Balloon Book


Hold Me Tight

A Historical object Paper which evolved into a Book


This book began with an object. 

I set out to learn more about the history and design of the balloon. However after much digging and reading and frustration I was unable to find any definitive books on the subject of party balloons (though there were numerous volumes on hot air balloons) I left the library and started collecting from out in the world.


I went through my own personal pictures and found countless images with balloons in party environments. I went to balloon stores and asked questions, I compared balloon representation in children's books and photographed my own embarrassingly extensive balloon collection. 

All of this content was collected together in a book. 


The inspiration for the look of the book was helium party balloons, which necessitated a very tall and slender shape.  

Arrows, primary colors, sky photographs, and common phrases which could relate to balloons were all used to create a feeling of levity (pardon the pun) and whimsy which matched the subject matter. 

A custom repeating pattern was designed to use on the back of the accordion so that the space would be activated, and reflect  a glowing blue tone onto whatever surface the book was read on.